Portrait of Colee Wilkinson with red poppy background
artist's paint brushes and tubes of gouache paint


simply, to help others have a more beautiful day, everyday

the work

It all begins with drawing and painting using traditional tools and materials. Gouache, watercolor, inks and various dry media are the basic ingredients mixed up in varying degrees with sable-hair brushes and French cotton-rag paper to produce the elements that comprise each composition. Though digital technology aids the editing and design process, the use of traditional hand-painting techniques is the cornerstone of my process. 

personal inspiration

Despite being a native Californian, the idyllic coast of southern Maine is the place I adoringly call home for the second-time-around. Living and working from my eggnog-colored, colonial-style house, I am perpetually inspired by the way of life, the change of seasons and the natural world of my environment. Multi-directional scenic views (north, east and west) from my second-floor studio, the breathing space and woodlands in my neighborhood, and the opportunity for a daily walk on the beach all nourish the creative spirit, which in turn, allows for creating designs that strive to bring happiness and beauty to your daily life. 

it's magical